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Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Luton Inspire Pools

Featured in ITV's 'Splash' on Freeview Saturdays, at 7pm Ch.3, and 8pm Ch.33
Active Luton runs the Inspire Luton Sports Village which is located just off the main road to Hitchin. This is the site of an entirely new complex devoted to healthy activity – two swimming pools and a large gymnasium.

My interest stems from having taken photographs for a specialist groundworks company who were involved in fundamental works in the construction of the two pools – Toureen Mangan, a comparatively young company who have been listed in the Sunday Times ‘100 Best Companies to Work For’ over several years. They were subcontracted to Wates for whom they have also won awards.

Driving past one day, now that the pools are open to the public, I thought I would see whether I could obtain permission to take photographs in the more glamourous state they are now in, completed. I paid a few visits to try to find someone who would be prepared to allow me in and finally succeeded. Members of staff were informed of my coming, and were happy to help me to get the shots I wanted, even though it was late on a Sunday.

I wanted to shoot when the pools were empty, as taking photos when members of the Public were using the pool presents too many issues to resolve. Taking photos at the end of a session presents its own problems, the splashed water around the perimeter is not so attractive, and there were numerous drinks bottles, sweet wrappers, life jackets, and other working paraphernalia dotted around, and the floating lane markers were out ready for the change in use of the pool. Tidying of these was my task, as the staff were moving the boom to the end to allow for the bottom to be moved, and I needed to avoid delaying them. Working in the ambient humidity levels there was perspiration-inducing – my pale blue shirt was now very duotoned; darkened by my sweating profusely. The humidity level reminded me of my time in Aden when first arriving there from the UK when I was in the RAF.

I was not complaining, I really wanted to take these photographs, as much to show how versatile these pools were, as indulge my interest in architecture. When the diving boards are in use the bottom is lowered to the full depth of the pool, but when just swimming is taking place, it can be raised. The length of the pool is also variable by repositioning the boom and this has small diving platforms along its length.

Gates to the main fixed diving boards are electronically closed when the pool is not at its full depth for safety reasons. Most of what I have discussed concerns the large pool, but the moveable bottom is also a feature of the smaller, Community Pool. The bottom there is raised to the surface to retain as much heat as possible when not in use, and this is shown in the last two shots in the gallery of pictures taken.

I would like to thank all those who helped to make this an enjoyable and satisfying shoot, and I hope that the results are pleasing.

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