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Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Chaulington – An Update

Some Missing Info – New Phone number

PPS Group who have sent out a pamphlet inviting the communities of Caddington and Chaul End to a series of discussion meetings in Caddington, however inadvertently missed a zero from the contact telephone number, so this prompted me to put that right for anyone who reads my blog and wishes to contact the group prior to the meetings scheduled for Friday and Saturday the 26th and 27th of April.

That contact number is 08000 086 769.

I had never heard of Heathfield Hall, and upon querying this, learned that it was within the grounds of the former Heathfield Lower School. I think a map showing the location would not have gone amiss.Although I myself may well be leaving the village, I am interested in this development. The county is certainly in need of more housing, but for those who live here presently our concern is that the highest priority be to improve the road infrastructure that exists, so that with the greater call on these roads they are capable of still flowing. This needs to be addressed so that as house-building starts, the construction traffic is able to move on and off site causing minimal disruption to the existing population.

So, it is my contention the roads giving access to the development must be in place prior to any of the housing getting underway. This phase itself will be disrupting, but can be minimised by creating new roads, not simply widening those pre-existing.

It is very easy to see where in the past opportunities have been missed or decisions have simply been put off for one reason or another. The siting of the Tesco's Store prevented the A 505 linking to the A5, the Dunstable Bypass has been discussed over many years, my belief is the Busway should never have gone ahead, but with it nearing completion it is on the wrong side of the A505 to be ideal for this proposed development. Airport Way should never have joined the local traffic linking Harpenden to Luton – need I go on?

Let's not miss this opportunity to move forward. Public Transport will only be viable in rural communities when it properly serves those communities; they can only be run efficiently when probably around 70% full, so pricing should be aimed to meet or exceed that target, so whilst it does not, which is now, we must accept that the private car will provide that service, and to do so with the minimum of pollution it has to flow. This extra capacity has to come first, only in that way will this new development be welcomed. Also, existing businesses should be able to benefit both the future residents and themselves, and hopefully create more.

I would like this development to succeed, but it will need considerable understanding and imaginative planning to ensure that it meets with co-operation rather than antagonism, and in my personal discussions in the past I have to say I am less than optimistic.

Luton completely missed the boat in regards to the recent London Olympics, by not using the years from the moment that London's bid was successful to build a flyover or bypass for Airport Way, so that local traffic was not disrupted, and Industry, the University and the towns beyond were able to flow to and fro directly between M1 Junction 10 and to the Airport, with its roads to Parkway Station, the University and the out of town shopping park and Town Centre.

Get the infrastructure right this time, sort (well there is a plan!) the Junction 10 Spur road. Get good access and egress from the former Vauxhall Storage depot, improve the existing road by widening it between Caddington Village and the A505, and benefits will accrue. The other highway to be considered has to be the Information Super Highway to ensure there is fast Fibre Broadband to every building and mix business and other activities in, so that there is a strong sense of community instilled from the start.

I shall be coming to the meetings with an open mind, but numerous doubts, I hope I can be convinced that there is a genuine will to do the job properly from the start, and the commitment to see it through.

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