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Sunday, 9 June 2013

Langleybury Cricket Match

I pondered for some while as to where to travel on Saturday morning and decided to head for Lady Capel's Wharf in Watford, this turned out to be impossible as I was to discover later, I had already planned exactly where to park – Hunton Bridge, just off the A41 where from past experience I knew that close by a church and on the opposite side of the main road to the building which housed the Advertising Agency, Clock. The sun was out fairly strongly and I did wonder at the number of Police vehicles that kept passing, and also noted helicopters overhead, but apart from wondering whether there was a Policeman's Ball taking place or there were criminals at large, I took little notice and seeing the nearby cricket ground and a match being played, decided my canalside walk could wait awhile.

I did not need to enter the grounds I could stay by the boundary and take shots from a low wooden fence, and so it was that I spent probably around an hour just trying to see whether I might hone my skills at capturing some of the action. I missed some of the important action from a fielder stepping between me and stumps as one batsman was clean-bowled, and missed a catch by the wicket keeper at the far end, when I was slightly less attentive. I also varied my position to add some interest by altering the angle, then whilst the teams took their customary drinks I wandered back to my car and took some coffee myself together with some crisps, then wandered towards the entrance to the ground.

Spotting a couple of players I enquired the names of the sides playing, which in turn meant that I handed the camera over to one of them to scan through the shots I had taken, and we chatted and I mentioned where the shots might appear, and gave him my blog address. Little did I know that we shared a mutual friend in Peter Carr of Bamville Cricket Club!

We parted and I set off under the main road with three cameras around my neck to walk south along the Grand Union Canal tow path. A couple of locks further I learned the significance of the Police presence from a couple who informed me that it was all due to the Bilderberg Conference being held at the Grove, and soon I was to be directed away from the canal by a pair of policemen who had travelled from Leicester, and later some from Thames Valley, however despite not being able to reach the stretch of canal I had intended visiting I did learn precisely where Lady Capel's Wharf was and also spotted Lady C's Cottage (not Chatterley!) I certainly got plenty of exercise and I also saw just how extensive the closure of the surrounding area was, and hope that Taxpayers do not have to foot any part of the bill, because I have never seen anything like it, and considering how much disruption was caused I am staggered that somewhere more easy to police was not selected by the organisers, such as Leeds Castle. I now fully understand just how disruptive this was for local residents, and sincerely hope something like this is not repeated.

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