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Thursday, 13 September 2018

Goodwood Revival 2018 – The Saturday Visit

It was a day when once again I enjoy some time with my elder daughter as I had earlier with my younger girl at the Festival of Speed, but where Catherine was really tired due to work and family pressures, Lizzy had been physically poorly. In both cases though there was some time on the journey down to get some shut-eye, with occasional times where we caught up on news of the associated families.
In Catherine’s instance it was mentioning the impending departure of one of the twins to London University, and the other’s coming driving lessons and ultimately the Test. We would be having a family get together in Cambridge which in the meantime since this trip I can report was absolutely wonderful; with wishes for both for their more independent futures and lots of fun and laughter.
We made surprisingly good time on the journey, on the M1, going around the M25 and through the byways of Surrey and Sussex to the Goodwood Circuit. As we arrived several of the small aircraft from the WWII era were flying overhead. We headed from the Car Park after putting the finishing touches to our period dress and suit and then threading our way through the outside array of marquees displaying a wide range of vintage cars, and period costumes (for following year’s events!), memorabilia and cars, bikes and accessories and all the fun of the Fair, before making our way into the event proper and the circuit.
I had been hoping that a new camera body might be being used by one of the many photographers in the Media Centre so we made for there as a first port of call, but that met with little success, barring meeting some very helpful people who said they would keep a lookout and report back. We made eventually for the Richmond Lawn and the viewing area for the Chicane. At various times we also ventured out to the Paddock, and the viewing area above the Pits. I also met up with a friend who had given me help with a section of the book I wrote on “Mac OS X for Photographers” whom I had earlier brought as my guest; this meeting proved to be less than straightforward, but did finally happen. Subsequent to that trip, Alasdair had become a member of the GRRC, as fortunately he lives fairly close to the Circuit.
On this occasion much of my photography was from the Pits Roof, where we met family members of one of the racers and several of his avid followers; Grant Williams is the name to watch, as he makes the entire race exciting! If they give added points for relentless trying, then he would have been well-rewarded, his third place seemed like a Win for those watching him!
Once again I have to give grateful thanks to the Duke of Richmond and all those who played a part in making this event such a friendly and enjoyable time on his estate. Each year these events change subtly thus making each visit feel fresh. As I have often joked about his having a great understanding with the man above, we were once again allowed some pleasant weather, despite the numerous darker clouds looking threatening. For anyone who has never visited, these two car-themed events occurring each year are not just about the vehicles; and the atmosphere is overwhelmingly inviting.

I will be watching the TV coverage coming shortly to see what else I missed…

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