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Thursday, 2 April 2009

Innovation Day 2009 – Luton

Wednesday 1st April, saw me first paying another visit to Luton Hoo's Walled Garden where I was going to be following a three-man Amateur Film crew studying some of the dilapidation within the greenhouses, however I first met up with someone from the more prestigious BBC film crew who mistook me for a stills man for their Pre-Raphaelite film they were shooting. However I had already been refused permission to cover them, so I thanked him and explained that sadly I could not take any photos there.

I then bumped into Chris Wilmott who had previously invited me to join his team covering art projects for the Walled Garden and he introduced me to Joanna another member of his team, and we took a stroll around as he gave Joanna the tour. And it was during this time, that I met up with the St. Albans Film team and I shadowed them through the greenhouses as intended.

I came back for lunch and made for Basepoint to set up for Thursday's Innovation Day exhibition. Having ascertained that my reserved position had been honoured, I put a series of mounted prints onto the window behind my table, the rest were to follow in the morning.

Even though my arrival the following day was early, the foyer was thronged with people all intent on putting up banners and chatting animatedly and the car park out front was already full. I completed my own area and met someone from a nearby stand who was enthusiastic for one-on-one Photoshop training, and assured me he had every intention of arranging a session – not a bad start!

Once the show was underway, Mike Spring who had done the mounting of my prints turned up and bought not my book, but Martin Evening's latest CS4 title, it was only after the transaction that I realised it was my only copy! So, now I have to purchase another, since I will need it for the next round of tech-editing!

I was joined by Peter Carr who shared the table with me to promote DNA, and our first visitor turned out to be Jonathan Downing from Belfast, who had won an Innovation award and would be talking later in the day in one of the seminars. Around the same time Dr Abdul Al-Jibouri asked me to take photos of Trevor Bayliss, our keynote speaker – so I even got some official photography in. John Sentinella from Putteridge Bury was another visitor to the stand and he very kindly kept me supplied with water and even manned the stand in my absence at some of the seminars!

Peter and I were both most impressed by Jonathan, and I got to chat to Trevor Bayliss, OBE, as well as take shots of him with various people before going into his seminar, which was both amusing and informative, in which he hammered home the value of Intellectual Property and his exasperation with government on this aspect. Altogether a very satisfying day.

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