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Sunday, 5 May 2013

May 4th Visit to Butterfly World

I took the scenic route to Chiswell Green and Butterfly World, and because along this route missed a turning, it meant that I literally came in behind my daughter and son-in-law as they entered the Car Park. They had come from Westcott near Aylesbury and I from Caddington; different distances and different set off times!

I was able to simply lock up the car and grab my camera, they had to consider provisions, assembling a double buggy, and attending a toddler and a a baby, so their organisation took just a tad longer. Up till that time the weather had been alternately bright and showery with a light breeze, and Chiswell Green had had its shower. Once we were within the complex of Butterfly World, the breeze picked up, and our heading took us to the boudary beyond the giant ant, and it was a brutal wind that greeted us as we sat down to do some feeding; the low mound beyond the hut no defence against the cold onslaught of the wind, but being hardy, we persevered, then made our way towards the Tropical Butterfly greenhouse.

Inside, Joshua was upset by the butterflies flying past his head and decided it was not for him, but a few minutes later all was well, and he came back in. This was a period when I did a bit more concentrating on trying to photograph the butterflies than grandparental duties, but I returned to those once we were back in the open and visiting some of the various gardens. Here Joshua has to be watched a little more closely as he has a great affinity for water as he does thoroughly enjoy swimming, he has yet to understand that ornamental ponds are not in the same category.

We made our way slalom style through these gardens, but they have yet to reach full splendour as it is so early in the season, and every so often we would see staff planting out. We walked around as two groups for a while, as Tim and Joshua toured where the giant chalk butterfly is carved, and Joshua found the pipe openings where you could shout or sing and listen to the echoes, this was a very new experience! Meanwhile I took shots of the wall that has household bric-a-brac embedded, I found the dilapidated books particularly fascinating. Lizzy and I also found somewhere to take some shots of Tilly. We all met up again and walked round the entire lake before returning to the Beehive Loos and a stop for tea in the shade of the outdoor restaurant area, where I managed to get some more colourful flower shots.

Before long we realised it was fast approaching closing time, so we headed for the turnstile exit and the car park, where we said our goodbyes – Lizzy, Tim and the children to Barnet and myself off to Caddington. This gallery is a record of the generality of the visit.

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