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Thursday, 6 June 2013

Stockwood Discovery – June 6th Visit

Thursday comes with its forecast cloud cover, and promise of warmth, so I get email read make phone calls, some which actually connect. I also have numerous books collected which will help add to the stock available at the Allotments Library, and I load this into Helen Turner's car as she will be opening the Library shortly. It is a new venture opening every other Thursday for a couple of hours since the Mobile Library has been withdrawn.

Once the desk is clear, I opt for visiting Stockwood Discovery Centre to see how the gardens are coming on. By now the sun is out and the sky is edge to edge blue with a slight but pleasant breeze, and this has brought all the mothers and their toddlers, and seemingly some of the local primary schools with their charges, or should that be chargers? The sounds of happy children is occasionally interrupted by the new season's aircraft movements seemingly overhead every five or so minutes.

I soon meet an apprentice who works with Jan the Gardener and check she is in today and learn she is working in the Sauna, for that is the best way to describe that particular greenhouse, but I am happy to leave that visit till later! I note that one of the other greenhouses has been completely surrounded by a fence and black polythene sheeting as it is going to be restored to hopefully its former glory. The task is going to be mammoth as all the glass is now out and the extent of the damage to the woodwork is all too evident. The work is going to be ongoing for several months.

It was as I was on my knees obtaining some close-ups that Jan came on the scene and after a quick chat with me she asked the workmen whether I might be allowed to take some photos of the work, knowing I would relish the opportunity. They acquiesced and led me inside the enclosure and I took a few shots in the hope that later I might continue to cover the progress of the work. In that short space of time I learned that they had found that the original design incorporated a series of holes to take condensation from the inside glass panes out the gutter outside to avoid the wood suffering from the retention of that water. I therefore took two shots of these details for the future.

After a period outdoors, I entered the greenhouse sauna as Sam and Jan took their lunch break (seeing the juxtaposition of those two names reminded me of an old song: "Sam and Janet Evening" but perhaps I should keep such trivia to myself!

Although I did manage to capture a bee or two at work, I was disappointed at the scarcity overall. It was a reasonably worthwhile visit and it was good to hear that Jan is now seeing more brightly after her ops on both eyes.

Sam, Jan, Stockwood Discovery Centre, Gardens, flowers, leaves, greenhouse restoration, Luton, Bedfordshire

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