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Sunday, 4 October 2015

Brogborough Becalmed then Vulcanised!

I had done my chores – Shopping, Gardening and Washing, the mist had lifted and it was a warm and although we were not forecast wind, there were a few gusts here, which is not too far from Brogborough Lake, so I felt that the exercise of cycling there might just be rewarded by a few gusts and some activity amongst the windsurfing fraternity; I therefore gathered my camera, 100-400mm lens, tripod and gimbal head, and collected my bicycle.

Arriving at the lake, I was not exactly swamped by windsurfers! There was also less of a breeze here than back at Marston Moretaine! I did learn that Sam Barnes was going to venture out shortly and there was one other person getting his sail ready, so I took the opportunity to pump up the front tyre which I had noticed was low before getting the camera set up. By the time I was ready two people had taken to the water, and soon that number was increased by a mighty 50% – two men and one lady. Today was not going to be a day of action and drama, so I noted that reflections on the water could add to the challenge of providing some interest and proceeded to attempt to capture this in the shots I was taking.

The young lady who I later learned was Lisa, looked very poised as she crossed serenely in front of me; I imagined that staying up with so little wind must be quite tricky to remain balanced, and I never once saw her down in the water which was impressive to me.

I had found a spot close to the water’s edge, but I spent most of the time at an awkward angle because the two men spent a large part of the time off to the right, and I had chosen a low viewpoint on the slope so I would be at the correct height for the eyepiece and this was really more suited to the action being in an arc immediately ahead. I spent a relaxing time till the wind dropped completely and then I started to pack up the tripod, when over the new A421 I spotted the Avro Vulcan flying in the direction of Stewartby and Bedford, and immediately realised this must be the day of its last Airshow at Old Warden, and so I took to standing on a table for added height and hoped we might yet catch another glimpse of it. We were very much in luck as we were treated to three passes before it headed off for home, which I took to be Scampton in Lincolnshire. I was thrilled because this was to be its very last flight. I count myself very lucky indeed as I was up at Cottesmore in Rutland for its first Air Test after refurbishment and sadly witnessed the failure of its undercarriage flap to close which meant it lost a whole season of flying, so to accidentally take pictures on its last flight was a very good way to end the day!

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