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Friday, 13 November 2015

Windy Friday at Brogborough Lake

Most of the summer when the sun has shone there has been next to no wind, therefore not the most exciting time for action of the windsurfing variety on Brogborough Lake. Along comes November and both wind and sun, but the sun has a cold brightness, and when the wind is strong enough to blow my heavier tripod over, my hands on the cold metal of camera and tripod soon became very cold indeed.

I knew I was not going to be free over the weekend, so the lesser numbers on the water had enticed me over in the afternoon of Friday, and I concentrated on trying to capture longer sequences as the keen freestylers practiced doing their turns in the air, I was very grateful that Sam Barnes offered suggestions as to what to look out for and where to expect the action, and where in the past I would be more concerned with the start of a manoeuvre, Sam made the point that the landing was more important, so I tried  to take longer bursts where hitherto I would stop short as I felt that to concentrate on the ignominy of failure might be unkind when the surfer failed. However, I could see his point that this might in fact help my subject to see why there was a failure.

So we shall see, I just hope that I don’t get a clip round the ear by showing a sequence where the end was less promising than the the start. This also reminds me that on this occasion I started shooting with the 150-600mm lens, but  that often meant that 150mm was too long due to how close inshore the windsurfers often came, then I remembered that I had put the 100-400mm in the car, so I swapped over, which meant I could be closer to the water’s edge and therefore have a wider view before the bushes obscured my view.


  1. Hi Rod

    Thanks for taking these incredible pics yesterday. These sequence shots a seriously useful for breaking down the moves and work out what I am doing wrong. Don't know how you got them so crisp when we were so far away and moving so quickly. My favourites are the ones when the sun is behind the sail. Do you mind if I use it for my facebook profile pic. I will of course credit you for the image and post a link to your blog. Hope to see you at brogborough again soon. Regards. James.

  2. Hi James, I am glad I learned something from Sam Barnes when I arrived yesterday afternoon. As I mentioned to both of you, I am not a windsurfer, so I am looking at the images from a technical and aesthetic angle to keep my hand in photographically, so I am learning every time I visit, the nuances that apply to your skills on the water, and hope to capture both aspects together with further practice. Rod

  3. Hi James, again,

    I am sorry that I forgot I did not have your email address to respond to your request to use one of the images.
    Please let me know which one, you can copy the 747px image and use it the once, provided you do not alter it in any way or remove the copyright notice, and mention in your text the attribution:
    © 2015 rod-wynne-powell.blogspot.com
    Please do let me have your email address at some time, Rod

  4. Hi Rod

    You are very kind. My email address is jamesalfa@btinternet.com

    Kind regards


  5. http://www.fntn.co.uk/rodwp/BrogboroughWindyFriday/index_6.html