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Sunday, 5 June 2016

Lauren Lucille Gig — Mill Hill Golf Club

Brogborough Lake's windsurfing club has been quite good to me — I came across it a few years back and the spectacle of the skills being honed there appealed to me from a photographic perspective and during the tenure of the past owner Tony Wratten, I gained permission to enter and photograph those taking to the water. I needed to keep my hand in, and the challenge of improving my success rate at capturing the split second that embodied the windsurfer's skill kept me returning to the lake. The new owners Sam and Emma were equally welcoming, and I have met several of those who frequent the lake when the wind gets up. All this was when I lived further away in Caddington, near Luton. I felt that destiny was playing into my hand when the second house that I showed an interest in buying, having sold the ex-marital home turned out to be affordable and located close to two locations with which I was familiar, offered photographic opportunities and was equidistant time wise from both my daughters.

I have always felt welcome at the lake, and have met some really nice people, and a short while back I took a trip when the wind at Marston Moretaine was what I thought might be strong enough to tempt some of the windsurfer's, but on arrival just two miles from home the wind had dropped away completely and instead finding anyone on the water, I became witness to a gentle jamming session with a pair of the sailors with guitars and a girl singer. I started recording the serene scene before me and later put together a small gallery of pictures. 

Whilst taking those pictures, another windsurfer Colin Hill invited me to do some photography at his casino in Chinatown and I am due down again this coming week.

Later, the singerLauren hailing from Brisbane, invited me to a gig she was holding at Mill Hill Golf Club. Some of the photos I shot on the evening of June the first form the gallery of that thoroughly enjoyable evening listening to a group of very talented musicians that can be viewed by clicking on the header at the top of this narrative.

Here is a list of those providing my evening's entertainment of 
Ballads, Bossas and Blues:

Piano:                              Andrew Noble
Bass:                               Loz Garratt
Drums:                            Matt Fisher
Electric Guitar:              Ian Lewinson
Alto Sax:                        Pete Grogan
Trumpet/Flugal Horn:  Sam Warner
Flute:                               Iain Cameron
Bossa Guitarist:             Clive Blass
Tenor Sax:                      Nick Newell

And thanks go to Valerie O'Doherty, who was very welcoming.

So altogether, I am very grateful to the windsurfers of Brogborough!

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