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Tuesday, 29 August 2017

Aylesbury Concert Band – Proms in the Park

I always enjoy the Aylesbury Concert Band’s playing and this Sunday was no exception, the weather was exceedingly hot and with no hint of rain, nor sadly on this occasion, not a whisper of wind, absolutely ideal weather for taking the sky in a hot air balloon, as the chances of travelling too far were somewhat limited, and above the Park in Aylesbury one slowly passed overhead, but their timing was poor if they wished to listen to the playing, as they came over too early!
My daughter plays Baritone Saxophone with the band, and she must have  carefully ensured her placing was such that she was obscured from my lens no matter what viewpoint I might choose. So except when not playing, she was to all intents not there!
The local council have other photographers covering the event, and I joined them as it meant that our gear was eminently safe as there was always one of us nearby, giving each of us the freedom to wander without a constant nagging about the safety of our kit.
We were there for the rehearsal as well as the concert proper which is always useful to capture some of the other activities and watch some of the energetic youngsters doing cartwheels and handstands and generally keeping their parents occupied reining them in when they strayed too far. The event is very much family-oriented and even during the rehearsal the public were listening to the concert band and a smaller jazz ensemble nearby, which judging from a loud bang later, we sensed was terminal for their operations, as thereafter they began packing up!
The atmosphere was relaxed and the music was definitely appreciated even during the rehearsal, the Mayor mingled with the crowd and obviously enjoys leading from the front, in that he was even to be spotted with a plastic sack and litter-picker in the hope others would follow his example. His patriotic credentials displayed in the task he set himself of taping the Union Flag to the front of the main stage, he did not confine himself to being part of a civic entourage; he seemed at ease wandering around the crowd and mingling, but wearing his regalia of office around his neck sporting a cream suit, and a pair of very natty brown shoes which I felt should be featured in the gallery of images of the day – had the forecast been for inclement weather, I doubt very much that they would have been his footwear of choice!
I hope that the gallery of images from the day is an enjoyable review of the event and especially of the Band’s Players who provided such evocative music ending with patriotic fervour from the voices of the record crowd, led by guest singers Alison Langer and Lawrence Thackery who had earlier announced from the stage that they were soon to be married which was appreciated by the audience who were finally treated to a firework display.

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