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Monday, 18 June 2018

A Family Visit to Brooklands Museum

It is quite some time since I visited Brooklands, and the landscape is very different, though some of the Circuit Buildings I do remember, but the area now looks like and is a Business Park. However, the Museum Area is very much a family-oriented and welcoming venue. On Sunday it was Fathers’ Day and I was treated to the day by my younger daughter’s family, and despite a warning of possible rain, only a few very minor drops fell, with absolutely no dampening of the spirit of the day, and it passed without any adverse effect whatsoever.
Parking was no problem, and we walked from the car having gathered some food and other essentials, and it was at this point that my daughter realised that in concentrating on everyone else’s needs she had inadvertently left all food for herself, back at home, which was more than a little unfortunate as the availability of gluten-free fare and other non-allergenic foodstuffs is not readily available at such venues. Add to this a heavy dose of onion vapour in some areas meant she was never 100% well, which was very debilitating, and difficult to shake.
Although obviously my invitation was father-related, I felt this was a day for the children and my two grandchildren who had been before were thrilled to be there again and enjoyed every minute and were treated to a car each of their choice at one of the numerous stalls. Looking through some of the aircraft interiors on display and the buses, and later queuing to make an aircraft manned by one of the many volunteers. The buses and the aircraft proved of interest to the two children, although the simulator needed the length of legs of older children! There was an uphill race for youngsters, but sadly we only learned of this once it had started, it was certainly a serious challenge despite only being to just beyond where we were sitting picnicking.
There was one interesting occasion when a man driving his car just stalled inches before the finishing line at the top and needing several able-bodied men to stop him from rolling back, but the ignominy to follow was that his wife managed in the same car to complete her run successfully! I suspect she will be dining on that success for some while!
Altogether it was a wonderful way to spend the afternoon; It’s just a shame that it is so distant as it really needs an entire day because there is so much to see.
It was a thoroughly enjoyable present to be sharing with my daughter’s family. On the return journey I was hoping to point out where I had once worked with Hubert Davey at his Photographic studio in Weybridge High Street, but although we passed right by, I failed to recognise its location. I have since realised why and that is because the building I knew has long since gone, and is now a Thai Restaurant, something I have since gleaned by looking on Google Earth!

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