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Wednesday, 23 January 2019

Canon EOS R Further Testing

          This was a trip where I travelled light; no tripod, just the monopod, the new EOS R body and the 100-400mm, and 35mm lenses, and the 1.4x Converter.
          I needed to try to find a setup for the new Canon mirrorless body where I felt confident that I could achieve the best settings in changing circumstances, so I went out yet again with just that mindset. Every so often the light was moderately bright, but overall the mistiness gave the scenes I captured a somewhat dull feel, even though the noticeable result showed that the detail was crisper than I could have achieved on my EOS 5D MkIII, or 7DMkII under similar circumstances. To this end I have taken an enlarged section from two images that show this noticeable amount of extra detail that would appear in a print, than can be shown on the screen in the galleries.
          I have yet to quickly alter settings which I knew I wanted with this body, because those changes required too many steps; I am hoping that this is purely down to my unfamiliarity. I found that if I wanted to make a change, I had first to go elsewhere to reach the starting point to make that change; it always seemed to take several clicks rather than one.
          The extra five to ten gigabytes in image size means that from the same lens, I was always getting a smoother result than on my other bodies, I could crop more tightly with less fear of intrusive grain, and many of the shots taken on this outing were taken with the 1.4x Converter on the MkI 100-400mm Canon zoom, and the distant water tank illustrates just how much extra detail I was able to achieve from the inherently larger file this body gives.
          I found this location, the Sandy Smith Nature Reserve, close by the old wartime airbase of Chicksands by pure happenstance, and it is an area close to minor tributaries of the river Great Ouse. I only met two other people, but from the second person, a man walking two of his dogs, I gleaned some hopefully, very useful knowledge of how to get to some more wooded areas by the river, possibly giving me a chance of finding some aquatic birds, so this is a location I will be visiting again, but choosing a different direction when heading from my car.
          When I first contemplated a mirrorless body, I was always concerned about the view through the eyepiece, but on this occasion, I was highly impressed, I have no qualms in stating that the quality was excellent. To help in making this purchase, I have sold two lenses and an earlier body, and I feel that this will prove to be a good move, I just hope I can master the controls, because presently I am a learner driver!

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