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Thursday, 19 December 2019

The Spirit of Christmas…

               How is the Spirit of Christmas defined?

               Is it defined in the Western World by Christianity?

               Or, is it defined by Market Forces and the year's last ditch efforts to Turn a Profit?

               Or is it that time of year when we remember Friends and Family, and reach out with cards, letters, email and time; to reach those for which a hectic life has somehow prevented us from contacting for too long a time?

               Perhaps it is a smorgasbord of all of the above? Certainly in the Northern Hemisphere, it is often depicted by Wintry scenes of Snow; well, on that score we need to consider more strongly this Planet's tenuous grip on the World's Climate; on the home we have made of the Earth – of All the Species, Humans do have a measure of Control on the Outcome and Longevity of this Planet, so if Snow is to be depicted on our Christmas Cards, then we ought to come together Selfishly to Preserve this our Home.

               In reality that is not a totally selfish thought, but I felt it might appeal to more basic instincts.

               I have not used images of Snow in my Cards this Year, partly in truth because I always like to use fresh images whenever I create cards for Greetings, be they Birthdays or Seasons, and there has been no snow so far in my neck of the woods! No, I chose a couple of moments I captured very recently that expressed one very strong and universal emotion – Love.
I have been fortunate on more than one occasion to capture an action performed in front of me by Swans, and what has been surprising is that the performance on both recent occasions has been aligned perpendicular to my position. Now, since I have my camera on a heavy tripod with a long lens, can this be pure Happenstance? I would very much like to think Not! The Action is certainly one that conveys Love between the two Swans, And to me as Observer, they form the Heartshape we Humans consider – the Symbol of Love.

               Is this fanciful? Perhaps. But as a Message from another Species, it hardly seems specious. So at this time when the majority of my species have this theme at the top of their priorities, albeit some with the baser instincts of Profit, I feel the Images conveyed by my Card can be seen in the Positive aspect of Christmas. Please let it not be the Swansong of Life on this Planet upon which we Live.

Happy Christmas.

Apology to those who might have clicked the Headline on this occasion – there is no Gallery, but…

Feel free to print out the image below, fold along the middle and let it join all those who were able to give and receive a more tangible card. (This may well only be possible from a Computer or iPAD), in such a case click on it in your browser to view at least what I had intended.

All the Very Best in the Next Decade,


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