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Tuesday, 16 September 2014

The Goodwood Revival Meeting 2014

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I was thrilled to be invited once again to the Goodwood Revival Meeting. This time I chose to invite my elder daughter to the join me for the Saturday. We had hoped that both her partner and my younger daughter and son-in-law would be joining us, but they were too late in booking and found that all tickets had sold out due to the popularity of the event.

Catherine and I got ourselves sorted in the Car Park, and headed in, but failed to take adequate notice of where the car was located, which was to prove a problem at the end of the day!

We visited our designated enclosure which has a great vantage point to watch the exit from the Chicane, and settled to watch and photograph the cars as they headed towards us. The first race we watched was for the Goodwood Trophy. Fairly early on, car 27, a light blue Maserati V8RI driven by Josef Otto Rattenmaier started to spin, and I managed to capture  a sequence of shots as he spun through 180 degrees, before completing the full 360 without hitting anything, or being hit!

I gather photographer Jeff Bloxham is known affectionately as the 'Crash Magnet' well I seem to be similarly afflicted, because as I continued watching the Goodwood Trophy Race, Rob Huff driving a light blue Parnell-MG car number 17, found himself in a spin on the exit, close in front of car number 3, an Alfa Romeo Tipo B, driven by Stephan Rattenmaier who was unable to avoid being taken off towards the tyre wall immediately in front of us. The car rode up the wall and overturned, trapping the driver beneath the upturned vehicle; track marshals and a couple of spectators who climbed over the fence, joined forces to attempt to lift the heavy car enough to get the trapped driver out. Fortunately, this was speedily accomplished and the extricated driver walked from the scene, seemingly none the worse for wear. About four or five years back a similar crash occurred in the same spot, but that driver was less fortunate receiving several cuts to his face and head.

Although we did venture elsewhere we returned to this area for several of the races; the Pits were far too crowded to afford us a reasonable viewpoint to take photos. Once again, this year I did visit the Earls Court Motor Show, which Catherine thoroughly enjoyed as she dreamed of owning several of the cars on display within! I always enjoy the challenge of taking photos of the cars and some of their design details in such low light levels and without any flash.

The Aircraft that displayed were the World War Two Spitfires, Hurricane, a Mustang P51, a German fighter, and the two Lancasters; one of which was the one that had taken the long haul flight via Iceland from its base in Canada, and a Canberra and two Hawker Hunter twin-seat trainers.

A friend of longstanding, Simon Diffey, provided added interest in two of the races, driving a Bugatti Type 51 for entrant, Richard Collier in the Goodwood Trophy Race, and his own Formula Ford 20 in the Chichester Cup. It is a shot of him driving the Bugatti that heads this piece.

The galleries are organised by race and incidentals which cover some of the aircraft flight displays.

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