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Sunday, 24 July 2016

Another Brogborough Lakeside Visit

The last time I visited the Brogborough Lake shoreline, I spotted a fleeting visit by a beautiful reddish Brown metallic looking dragonfly – fleetingly! Way too fast for me to get a shot. But it did make me feel I should try my best to find it or another at a later date. So having woken at six-twenty and dozed hoping to get back to sleep, in vain;  I gave in and got up, had a brief breakfast, filled a flask with a cold orange juice, put a 1.4 Converter on the 300mm lens on the 5D MkIII, and the 100mm Macro on the 7D MkII, and set off to the lock-up for my bike.

The original intention being to put the camera bag in the front basket of my push-bike, but that was wishful thinking, I had to settle with wrapping the 5D+300 carefully in a scarf and fortunately the other had a fitted case. Spare batteries and cards then went into my pockets, and I was ready to cycle.

It is hardly a marathon journey, but I am not a Chris Froome! On arrival at the lake side, I took to walking the bike though the long grass to go further along the shore than before, since that was where the elusive reddish Dragonfly had both come and returned, and I settled on the bank edge with a wide view either side hoping for some luck, but over an hour later I hardly seen anything of interest, when a young lady approached from beyond, so after exchanged greetings I enquired whether she had seen any reddish dragonflies, to which she replied that the dog was far too noisy and would have scared anything off! I stayed a while longer, but reasoned that if any were around she would still have seen them, so came closer to where I had been on the last occasion, and certainly this side of the bushes the wind was way less and the damselflies were in abundance and I spotted a lone dragonfly in the first minute.

My problem now was laying the bike down without losing the contents of the basket! Before I had at least got some fenceposts, but carefully re-arranging the contents so they would not spill out I soon managed a couple of shots of a golden coloured dragonfly, even a butterfly that was in better shape than the one I had captured previously. I got a few more damselflies, and was visited by a young Polish family whose son was taking a few photos, so I asked if they were luckier with reddish dragonflies to let me know as they were going further along in the direction from which I had returned. They came back very soon after and showed me a damselfly shot they had taken, so we swapped views and I showed them the dragonfly I had managed to capture, they then asked for directions to Woburn Abbey, and soon after I packed up and set off back to watch the Hungarian Grand Prix. The Race was not a match for the Practice and Qualifying, but I was happy with the result and seeing three separate battles was at least some recompense for a circuit where overtaking is a rarity.

A small gallery is the result of this visit, but not too exciting.

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