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Monday, 8 July 2019

Goodwood Festival of Speed 2019

I have been visiting Goodwood in Sussex to enjoy the Festival of Speed for several years now, and the event has grown larger with the years, but this year it seems larger than ever, and has changed even more, driven by its popularity. The two car and bike events attract more than just those motorsports enthusiasts, but have been wonderfully conceived as family events, and most noticeably the atmosphere is relaxed with few restrictions. It would appear that over the years this area has been blessed by an abundance of good weather compared to Silverstone and Brands Hatch, two motor race venues I have frequented over the years when serving as a Marshal with the BRSCC — as Assistant Chief Pits for nearly thirty years.

It has been very much a family event for me, though when the children were young I tended to take along Clients from my days as Sales Manager of a Retouching Lab, which is the way I first met the Duke of Richmond and Gordon as Charles Settrington, a top class and highly creative Advertising photographer, as the Retouchers I worked with, executed the retouching he briefed for his clients such as Osborne and Little. The Installations fronting Goodwood House are by Gerry Judah, a longtime colleague of his from those photography days.

I think this Saturday was the hottest of all my visits here, and what has been the hallmark of every event here has been the noticeably relaxed atmosphere that prevails. In the most crowded places, the goodwill of all present pervades. One year at a previous Festival of Speed was how when I spotted a stationary truck with a viewing possibility stationed strategically with a view from the Moulcomb corner to the Flint Wall, my daughter cheekily asked whether I might be allowed to take photos from there and, as he answered, he took my camera bag from my shoulder and told me where to climb aboard, and said he’d hand it up to me! This has been an ever-present willingness to help visitors enjoy the events to the utmost. Another such occasion, I commented on a printed notice on a vehicle high up the hill, saying, I paraphrase: “If you need anything, just ask and I will do my utmost to help — just ask”. I got chatting to the driver and in the course of conversation I mentioned that I had stayed at the House in one of the circular towers, and mentioned it’s decor, and he replied, telling me he it was called The Toile room, and that Lady March had chosen the curtains and needed matching wallpaper, but none existed, so the same fabric was duly mounted on metre-wide backing so the match was made! And he it was was who had the task to hang it! He offered to drive me even higher up the hill for the view, where we watched aircraft leaving from above! He later drove me back down to the House, shortening my return to the car.
The single word epitomising a visit to Goodwood is ‘Welcoming’ — I cannot recommend strongly enough just how relaxed anyone can feel in the vastness of this place. I took fewer photographs than ever, yet the variety is still present. Thank you to everyone who make these such enjoyable days. Let the pictures tell their own story of what I saw.
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