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Friday, 14 August 2020

Totally Self-absorbed Coot

On an earlier visit to Priory Park, I extracted a series of images of a Coot from the main gallery in case it was simply a distraction. But by itself, I felt it worth a gallery, purely because the Coot had absolutely no interest in me; it was totally absorbed in its own life, and I represented no form of interest or threat, so if I took pictures, well so be it! It had allowed me to capture many more shots than I am displaying here, so these are simply a snapshot of those moments in its day.
I was not dressed in camouflage, or ensconced in a hide; I had just quietly dropped to a squat, and just started recording the scene that unfolded, and was rewarded by the bird simply ignoring my presence. It is rare to find my attempts at capturing the activity of insects, animals and birds with blissful acceptance of my presence and proximity – in general, I have to be lucky to work fast and silently to capture a fleeting moment, before the opportunity has passed!
I admit that a Coot is far from the most exciting of bird species, and more often than not, the activities of a Coot that I have captured has been the frequent antagonism of one bird angrily chasing another amidst much frantic flapping of wings and splashing of water! This was a relaxed and private few moments of quiet searching and feeding.

Apology to Readers (and perhaps read by Google):
New Blogger has several bugs, and although it has taken three days of frustration to bypass several of them when creating this entry, I have yet to find out how to get past the appalling hyphenation from some line ends. Hopefully, those tasked with bringing New Blogger in line with the simplicity and functionality of Blogger, will work with their longtime users of Blogger who have enjoyed a decade and more of using the former Great Product to tidy up the current Downgrade!
Should this reach the eyes of a human at Google, I would be very pleased to describe the issues I (and likely many, many more Users have been suffering recently) – I do genuinely wish to help resolve the problems that the Update has inadvertently created as when it is able to work as efficiently as Blogger used to perform, it is a great product.
Two separate issues that need attention are Tabbing and Uncropped headline Images. When any narrative has paragraphs (sepecially when being viewed on phones) readability is VASTLY improved by Initial Paragraph indenting.) I am not asking for a full Word Processor, I just want Images and text to be WYSIWYG; so if I set a pixel dimension for width I expect this to be honoured relative to the display width, not automatically lopped from the right.

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