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Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Goodwood – The Festival of Speed 2015

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I count myself very fortunate in being able to visit Goodwood twice a year to photograph some of the moments of my day at the Festival of Speed and the Revival Meeting. This year I was twice blest, for my colleague Martin Evening helped Lord March with some technical guidance and was offered two tickets for the Festival; his wife was not interested in joining him so offered me the chance to join him.

Sadly on the morning he found himself unable to go due to having suffered three consecutive sleepless nights, so my journey was due to be unaccompanied, as at six o’clock in the morning I was unable to contact my daughters or other colleagues to offer them the second ticket. Fortunately I did have the opportunity to let Lord March know and he asked me to convey his best wishes and he could rest assured he could come along to the Revival in September.

But I am getting ahead of myself – I made my way to the Saturday meeting unaccompanied, as my guest, my younger daughter was using her ticket and coming down separately with her young family. I made good time from Bedfordshire arriving before eight o’clock, and it was truly Glorious Goodwood (even though that term is reserved for the horse racing activities). Normally my first port of call was to the SuperCars Paddock, but this location was now the Brooklands Paddock, which was fortuitous, because my friend Simon Diffey was due to race a Connaught which was parked here. I caught up with him later. 

I always look forward to seeing the installation in front of the house as it is always memorable and makes for fine images as the light falling on it changes throughout the day, and today was no exception – it must be very challenging to dream up a new and exciting work each year.

Knowing that trekking back to the car takes too long, choosing which lenses to bring is not easy, but I reckoned that I had to have a general purpose wideangle zoom, for shots of individual cars in the Paddocks or otherwise close by, but for action shots the most effective would likely be the 100-400mm on the 7D MkII, so for the former I chose the 24-105mm on the 5D MkIII. The other prerequisites were spare batteries and cards. Shooting entirely in raw means I load up both bodies with 32GB Cards as these are the fastest ones I have, and means changing cards is kept to a minimum.

Stationed for some of the time in the Sponsors’ Enclosure at the closest to the first serious corner meant that I rarely needed to use the full extent of the long lens, and so for the Sunday I decided I would try to get away with bringing the 70-200mm. Later in the day when the Typhoon was aloft the 400mm end of the telephoto was essential. I must be a glutton for punishment, because to to take so many images in raw format means I will be sitting in front of a computer post processing in some of the hottest days of the summer! But when I look back at what I have taken I am more than satisfied, and I hope those viewing my galleries enjoy sharing my day in pictures.

I met with some very nice people, some of whom I hope I might meet again, one of whom was the designer of a previous Kenny Roberts bike and I hope he likes the shots I took of it as it went up the hill.

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